Playlist of Wabi Sabi Art

 The first video in this playlist is the oldest one.  The last one is the one I made today.  So watch all the videos if you can in the list.


In case you are new to "playlists" or Youtube, a playlist is when someone puts together a collection of videos for people to watch all in a row.  You can skip ahead if you see the list of videos on the side if one isn't as interesting to you.

Actually since I am on the subject of explaining things about Youtube, since a lot of my family doesn't seem to know much about it, let me also encourage you, if you have a google account, to subscribe to my channel.  Subscribing can help me someday monetize and can help my channel grow, and doesn't cost any money.  All you have to do is click where is says subscribe near my channel name.  

I've built myself up to 652 subscribers so far.  If I reach 1,000 I could possibly someday make some money off of my videos, which comes from ads, just for your information.  

Thanks for watching and reading!


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